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Dr. Vitek Blanar


09 - 11/2018

"I spend three months (From September 2018 to November 2018) at the Institute of Nursing Science, the Medical University of Graz, as a post-doctorate scientist. I have nice opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, which will be useful for my future research work and teaching. In my opinion, this experience considerably increases the chances to gain my own funded research project. Additionally, we build a new network for cooperation in research in the field of nursing. I hope that will be the basis of sustaining effective collaboration in the future."




PhD student

since 11/2014


Topic: Assessment of care dependency of stroke patients from the perspective of nurses, patients, relatives - practicability of the care dependency scale in hospitals and patient rehabilitation units in Indonesia.


“I am very glad that I chose to do my PhD at the Institute of Nursing Science, Medical University of Graz. Now I am staying in very warm and kindly helpful environment. I received a lot of support from Prof.Christa Lohrmann, from early advice on my research project, through to help in writing research proposal. I'm thoroughly enjoying running my writing publication journey  – it's exciting to discuss with the best teams to support my own ideas being developed."



Yufitriana Amir

PhD student



Topic: Quality of Pressure Ulcer care in Indonesian Hospitals.


"I learned about organising working tasks during this second internship. It was learning by doing. I was in the tight deadline on finalising my PhD thesis and very stressful. Prof. Christa Lohrmann convinced that I will, can, and must accomplish my thesis. She is an adorable and caring Professor who did understand the feeling of pressure and gave a guidance to overcome with it. She knows successful keys on balancing the working pressure with pleasure. She showed how to be patient with the development of step-by-step of the thesis progress and how to help each other as well as working as a team. All members of the department of nursing science gave their hands to support and raise me up. I achieved my goal and finalised my last chapter of my PhD thesis with happiness because of this friendly working environment. Thank you for the enormous care. This was my sweet moment during my PhD life.“



Yufitrana Amir

PhD student

07 - 08/2014


Topic: Quality of Pressure Ulcer care in Indonesian Hospitals.


„An intensive Professor‘s supervision, an inspiring university, lovely colleagues, and a relaxing city made my working progress even faster than my expectation.“



Dr. Eman Shahin


11/2012 - 05/2013


Topic: Urinary incontinence and pressure ulcer in Austrian hospitals and Nursing Homes.


„I stayed in department of nursing in medical university of Graz, Austria from November, 2012 to May, 2013.  It was a good chance to know a very nice and co-operative  teamwork with different experience which support me to achieve more than two articles  in  just 6 months and so  if I think to travel  in future to European university I will choose department of Nursing, medical university of Graz, Austria  and I look for more contact with department through research and teaching activities.“



Noémi van Nie

PhD student



Topic: Malnutrition in nursing home residents in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria - Exploring and comparing influencing factors.


„Professor Lohrmann, you were always there for me to support me from a distance. Our weeks together in Graz in the summer of 2011 are unforgettable and gave me the boost I needed for my PhD.“



Dr. Antje Tannen, MPH

Fellowship Stadt Graz

06/2009 - 02/2010


Topic: Malnutrition in Austrian Nursing Homes

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