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Wissenschaftliche Artikel (peer reviewed)

Hödl M, Eglseer D. (2020). Which characteristics of fecal incontinence predispose incontinence-associated dermatitis? - A classification and regression tree analysis. Advances in Skin and Wound Care. Accepted

Hödl M, Eglseer D, Lohrmann C. (2019) Does conducting a risk assessment facilitate better care for patients at risk of pressure injuries? Advances in Skin & Wound Care 32(8):365-369. doi: 10.1097/01.ASW.0000559611.98442.40.

Fliedner M, Hagemann M, Eychmüller S, King C, Lohrmann C, Halfens R, Schols J. (2020) Does Time for (in)Direct Nursing Care Activities at the End of Life for Patients With or Without Specialized Palliative Care in a University Hospital Differ? A Retrospective Analysis. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care.

Paulis S, Everink I, Halfens R, Lohrmann C, Roller Wirnsberger R, Gordon A, Schols J. (2020) Diagnosing dehydration in the nursing home: International consensus based on a modified Delphi study. European Geriatric Medicine. [in print]

Blanar V, Eglseer D, Lohrmann C, Hödl M. (2020) Changes in the availability of clinical practice guidelines for malnutrition: A 6-y multicenter study. Nutrition 71, March 2020.

Schoberer D, Breimaier HE. (2020). Meta‐analysis and GRADE profiles of exercise interventions for falls prevention in long‐term care facilities. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 76:121–134.

Eglseer D, Hödl M, Schoberer D. (2020) Malnutrition risk and hospital-acquired falls in older adults: A cross-sectional, multicenter study. Geriatric & Gerontol International 2020; Epub ahead of print.

Schüssler S, Zuschnegg J, Paletta L, Fellner M, Lodron G, Steiner J, Pansy-Resch S, Lammer L, Prodromou D, Brunsch S, Holter M, Carnevale L, Russegger S. (2020) Effects of a Humanoid Socially Assistive Robot Versus Tablet Training on Psychosocial and Physical Outcomes of Persons With Dementia: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study. JMIR Res Protoc. 2020; 9(2):e14927-e14927

Wissenschaftliche Präsentationen

Großschädl F, Bauer S. Die/Der adipöse PatinetIn - Pflegerische und organisatorische Herausforderungen für die Intensivpflege?! Abstractband vom Internationalen Symposium Intensivmedizin und Intensivpflege; Internationales Symposium Intensivmedizin und Intensivpflege; Feb 26-28, 2020; Bremen, GERMANY.

Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften

Bauer S, Eglseer D, Hödl M, Osmancevic S. (2019) Achte auf dich! Praxisnahe Informationsblätter für ältere Personen und Angehörige. Procare 03/2020; 10-12.

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