Institut für Pflegewissenschaft

Different projects on COVID-19 are currently being conducted to describe the quality of care during the coronavirus crisis by considering psychological stress on caregivers. Another study examines physical, psychological and social impacts on certified healthcare providers and caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. An international study investigates the use of technology and behavior of adults 18 years and older during the COVID-19 pandemic in different countries. This survey asks questions on the use of technology, social media platforms, isolation and loneliness.


Research projects


LPZ 2.0

The National Prevalence Measurement of Quality of Care (LPZ 2.0) is an annual survey conducted in Austrian healthcare facilities that gathers and analyzes information on care problems bedsores, incontinence, malnutrition, falls, physical restraints and pain as well as quality indicators and conducted prevention and intervention measures.

Age and nursing

Several of our research groups focus on various aspects around the topic of age and nursing care. Amongst others, we use varied approaches to investigate health professionals’ attitudes towards old and very old people and the influence on nursing practice. The results aim at preparing nursing professionals to an optimal degree for working with this age group. Another research enterprise focuses on a close collaboration between nursing scientists and nursing practitioners as a means to investigate exemplary nursing care practice (evidence based practice) in order to derive corresponding prerequisites and requirements for nursing practice.



Multiple research projects on the topic of malnutrition are conducted at the institute such as the creation and testing of questionnaires to determine the state of knowledge and attitudes of care staff/doctors in different facilities on the topic of (mal)nutrition. Implementation and use of (screening) tools by different occupational groups. Based on these results, targeted and diverse teaching and learning events are designed, conducted and evaluated and offered online and in other formats.


Care dependency

Care dependency has been an emphasis at the institute for many years. The focus is on applying the care dependency scale (CDS) in nursing practice. By implementing and applying the scale, valuable skills can be obtained related to care dependency of people in various institutions (hospitals, care homes, hospice, etc.) with various diseases (e.g., dementia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or at end of life.